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Through Service Excellence

About Derrick

Derrick lives by the 12 hour rule.  His golden rule for building relationships is to treat everybody as if they just have 12 hours left to live.  When you meet somebody and you treat them this way, it's amazing how genuine and sincere a person can be.  Over 90% of Derrick Stretch Realty Inc. comes from repeat clients or referrals which helps us serve 170 - 200 families per year with service excellence.
Derrick occasionally shares his experiences with high school and university students, as well as professional groups.  Among the lessons Derrick has learned on his journey towards success and one that he shares with riveted audiences is a very personal warning to look after your clients or somebody else will. 
The more the Stretch Team can possibly do to service excellence, the more successful we will be, the happier our clients will be and remain clients for life.  Derrick sells more residential real estate in a year than average realtors ever sell. 
Derrick's wife Joanne, and his two boys, Kyle and Mitch, are KEY to Derrick's home sales.
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