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Phone: (306) 373-7520  Mobile: (306) 221-8282

Derrick Stretch in 2016 celebrated over 39 years of Service Excellence in serving Saskatoon families. Selling a home on average every 1.8 days, Derrick's expertise and that of his team speaks for itself, however it is has been his unyeilding commitment to working for the betterment of his clients that has made him one of Saskatoon's most trusted names in local real estate.  


Derrick Stretch Realty Inc. Named:

#1 Realty Executives Team in Canada
Realty Executive International Pinnacle Award

Realty Executive International (2016)
Has announced Derrick Stretch Realty Inc as the recipient of the "PINNACLE AWARD" for being #1 in Canada
* Based on Realty Executives International's Top 100 List
Our Sincere Thanks and Appreciation to All of Our Clients.